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ComTel India was established in 2007 in Uttarakhand with the goal
of giving its clients the best software solutions.


As per your requirements, our dedicated development team works full-time for you.


We believe that customer satisfaction has its roots in individuals' well-being and happiness.


Transform your business and grow it. Get results with high-performing teams quicker. On Time and budget.


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ComTel India is a leading web development, smartphone app development, and customized software development company in Uttarakhand, India. We provide exceptional web services to a diverse variety of vertical industries and market areas. We have extensive experience in web design, web development, customized software development, mobile app development, SEO, SMO, digital marketing, bulk SMS, and e-mail marketing. Our programmes are designed to take your organisation to the next level, bridging the gap between you and the heights of accomplishment you want. We are strengthened by our 17+ years of expertise in the IT industry.

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Our Services

Over a decade of experience, we have learned with technology and time. We grow with our clients.

Web Development

Is it true that you are starting up another company or offering another measure to your existing business? At that point, it could be an excitement for you to know that more than 25 billion pages will be added to the World Wide Web in a year. To support you emerge from the community, we have web-based arrangements that are tailored to your individual market requirements. We understand that your platform may be just one more window that displays goods and administrations to billions of World Wide Web customers, but that means significantly more than that. It's the one spot where you can show your products and administrations and take them to the planet, so we're trying to make use of any square millimeter of room to make a platform that's adaptable, adjustable and strong.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development platforms have become standard mobile applications that penetrate every area of everyday life. ComTel India has been delighting customers by offering custom mobile app development services that excel in features and architecture alike. Started almost a decade ago as a research initiative, our Mobility Department has come a long way. The mobile app development team is filled with highly experienced and technically trained personnel to ensure consistency and accessibility.

Customized Software Development

Software development is the process that relates to the creation of individual software programs by using specialized and specific computer programming languages. This process is extremely comprehensive and varies depending on the type of software being developed; however, software development typically includes the conception, design, programming, testing, and bug fixing of a piece of software, network, or application.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce is the best way to buy and sell merchandise online and is a fast and easy way to trade goods and services, and we at ComTel India are creating high-quality e-commerce websites that fulfill the needs of our customers in a genius way. Our e-commerce web development team works on custom design and builds a reliable payment portal that is really critical for a profitable 24x7 website. Since e-commerce sales are rising last year, competition has become really difficult and we at ComTel India will help you think beyond competition and keep your customers happy.

Digital Marketing

Any marketing that uses electronic devices and can be used by marketing specialists to convey promotional messaging and measure its impact through your customer journey. In practice, digital marketing typically refers to marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device. It can take many forms, including online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts. Digital marketing is often compared to “traditional marketing” such as magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail. Oddly, television is usually lumped in with traditional marketing.

Domain & Hosting

Web Hosting is a facility that offers website space on the Internet. Web hosting services operate by placing the website data on high-powered machines (web servers) linked to a very fast network. If Internet users wish to visit your page, all they need to do is enter your website address in their tab. Domain hosting is identical to that of web hosting. Any website on the Internet has to be hosted somewhere, so that when a corporation hosts your website, it also hosts the domain where your website is stored. Without domain names, it would not be easy for people to search your website, and without web hosting you would not be able to create a website.

Why Do You Use Smartphone & Web App For Your Business

Provide your clients with more service
Develop a Powerful Brand
Higher Revenues
Link Better to Consumers
Inform consumers about new deals
Enhancing the usability
Reach out to the youth people
Ease of Updates
Better Discovery on Search Engines
No waiting for expense data
Cost-Effective Development
Traffic from Website
Faster Speed to Market

Our Work Process

Work Process

What Client Says ?

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BioPulse Solutions

Excellent design staff that responds quickly to all jobs and requests. We boosted our Google search results thanks to their assistance.
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ComTel India has increased my work capability & energy & also increased my business according to my expectations.
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Hospito Care

ComTel India gives me 100% of the outcome I expect from them and I will be grateful to ComTel India for helping me get closer to more clients.
Client Image

SRD Softech

Great design team and quick turn around on all projects and request. With their help we have improved our google search results.
Client Image

WIHG Dehradun

ComTel India designers and developers are true professionals. They understand your vision and make it a reality.
Client Image

Balaji Hydromet

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass ComTel India.
Client Image

Vedant Biological

Excellent, collaborating with ComTel India was fantastic. Thanks to their awareness and dedication, our website looks great.
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When it comes to developing skilled, glamorous and successful websites, there is no business capable of surpassing ComTel India.
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Akram Impax India

We were very impressed with the quality of website, the price we paid compared to other web design company was extremely low.
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Indian Parivahan Logistics

ComTel India has played an important role in the success of my business. ComTel India Support Team is appreciable.
Client Image

Balaji Beads

ComTel India has a well-trained team of certified designers that can & will create the web site that you have been dreaming of.
Client Image

S S Logistics

Excellent, working with ComTel India was great.Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great.
Client Image

Anamika Xpress Logistics

Fantastic it was a pleasure working with ComTel India.Their expertise and tenacity are what make our website seem fantastic.
Client Image

Disha Infotech

Comtel India boasts a top-notch web development and design team. They completed their work within the allotted time. We appreciate Comtel India's business and quick expansion.
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Anchal Road Carrier

The website satisfies all of our requirements, and the job completed by Comtel India was amazing. Thanks to their staffs.

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