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Domain and Hosting


In the age of internet marketing and online branding, almost any company has to be online, as 80% of shoppers do online research before making any order. However, to be found on the internet, a company needs a digital address, and this is basically the reason that a domain name is needed. Domain names have a clean, user-friendly and easy way to navigate your website. A quick informative website is easy to recall and looks fantastic on your business card! Thus, domain registration is the first task of creating an online presence-website and selecting a hosting contract.

Web Hosting is a facility that offers website space on the Internet. Web hosting services operate by placing the website data on high-powered machines (web servers) linked to a very fast network. If Internet users wish to visit your page, all they need to do is enter your website address in their tab. Domain hosting is identical to that of web hosting. Any website on the Internet has to be hosted somewhere, so that when a corporation hosts your website, it also hosts the domain where your website is stored. Without domain names, it would not be easy for people to search your website, and without web hosting you would not be able to create a website.


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