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WhatsApp Business Marketing


In today's age, smartphone has taken up as much of our lives as possible, and Whatsapp dominates much of it. Whether it's an iOS or an Android phone, every device has a Whatsapp installation on it. It's a cross-platform app that has now taken over the chat landscape. That's why; these days, it has been an important publicity method. Messages sent by Whatsapp Messenger attract the full interest of the reader. It provides full scope with a limited commitment due to its higher number of users. It not only delivers bulk media-rich communications, but also provides full exposure to the target audience.

The most appealing feature of Whatsapp marketing is that no reader will skip a post. In a standard SMS campaign, the recipient loses a message if the handset is turned off so it is not easy to do the same for Whatsapp messages. The message will be sent successfully as soon as the customer links their phone to the Internet. Even to the DND numbers, the Whatsapp messages will be sent and the readers will see the post as soon as they open Whatsapp. It gives brands a massive 900 million subscriber base that no other marketing tool can accomplish.


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