ComTel India



We Offers Software for Restaurant to manage Invoice/KOT with accounting in very fast way. Maintain KOT for single or multiple tables and invoicing with barcode for fast selection. Pending orders table wise and KOT wise reports. We Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk.

Key Features
  • AIM Helps you get GST compatible Effortlesly.
  • Counter Billing With / Without Barcode.
  • KOT Management.
  • Table wise KOT & Billing.
  • Quickly select your products with name or search code.
  • Price Schemes available E.g. Product Wise, Date Range.
  • Searching by Product / Kot No. / Table No. / Category etc.
  • All Books of Accounts & Final Result with Annexure.
  • Get Minimum, Maximum & Reorder Level stock.
  • Stock Statement & Valuations in various types.

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