ComTel India



We Offers Software for Transport/Logistics to manage Booking Consignment, Delivery Challan and Invoice with Accounting in very fast way. Online/Offline G.R. Tracking with G.R. No., Vehicle No., Consignee etc. Proof of Delivery with Shortage/Damage/ Detention etc. We Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk.

Key Features
  • Easy & Fast Full / Partial G.R. / Entery with Pre-defined Setting.
  • AIM Helps you get GST compatible Effortlesly.
  • Delivery & Received / Challan Management.
  • Consignment Delivery with shortage, Damage, Unloading Date Searching by G.R.No./Vehicle No. / Party / Consignee etcory etc.
  • Party / Consignee / Consignor / Truck wise Booking Register Predefined System reports and Invoice Format.
  • Vehicle Booking for Own Vehicles with Gross Profit & Loss, Billing, Supplementary Invoice with Cover Note also.
  • All Books of Accounts & Final Resust with Annexure.
  • Reports Customization as per User Requirements.

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